Radiance Incarnate Facial Nectar

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Alas, here was the last ritual of the evening before journeying into the dream world. Drops of oil rolled down her face as she anointed herself with divine protection. The scents of sacred frankincense and myrrh emanated from her cheeks and forehead, as it did for royalty and spiritual leaders ages ago. She felt tuned into this source which connects all things and with that serenity, she slipped into deep sleep.

  • Specially-curated premium oils are designed to regenerate and preserve the skin’s vitality, while antioxidants and essential fatty acids restore elasticity and guard against the elements.


    Squeeze a few drops onto cleansed face and massage thoroughly in a circular motion until absorbed. Best used at night to nourish and aid in cell regeneration during sleep.    

    Packaged in a 1oz/30ml glass bottle w/ dropper

  • Ingredients:

  • meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil, argan oil*, borage seed oil*, rosehip seed oil*, pumpkin seed oil*, pomegranate oil*, evening primrose oil*, vitamin E, essential oils of frankincense*, myrrh* and rose otto*                  

    *certified organic