Mishky Surfing Handmade Bracelet


Mishky Surfing Handmade Bracelet

"Mishky, Jewelry with Social Responsibility is a product 100% handcrafted in Colombia.  

Mishky supports women & children by accessing families in need through numerous Foundations.

With “Mi mamá para mi” (“My mom for me”), Mishky trains women of low income areas to become expert artisans.

Teaching techniques and improving skills, allows them to work from home, generate revenue, and provide their children with attention,
support, and parent guidance that they so much need. Mishky’s mothers working for “Mi mamá para mi” provide an honorable living for their families, instilling in their children the concept of working with dignity and ethics.

With every (1) hour of work from home, one (1) Mishky bracelet is
produced and one or more kids enjoy more time with their own mother, learning, studying, and sharing love.