Mend Healing Balm w/ hemp + avocado

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They set out into the woods, as they did every season. It had become a ritual to escape their urban lifestyles and reconnect with nature. Building a fire before night fell was a priority, so they took to chopping wood with the hatchet. A cut went unnoticed until the next morning, when it shot up pangs through Tom's arm. Luckily, someone had some healing balm on hand for moments like this.

  • Heals severely damaged skin, minimizing scarring and nourishing skin back to feeling balanced and supple. 


    Apply as necessary to cuts, burns, bruises and irritated skin to initiate relief and repair.
    Packaged in a 1oz/30ml twist tin


  • avocado oil*, hemp oil*, rosehip oil*, macadamia oil*, pomegranate oil*, tamanu oil*, jojoba wax, shea butter*, vitamin E, cocoa butter*, essential oils of tea tree* and lavender*

    *certified organic