Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap - Siskiyou

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Size: 8oz or 235ml. 

A deep veldt of ginger cedar forests from the land of endless mountains and rivers. The tallest forests of the world, dark and dappled rising from a bed of bark laden soil. A bouquet of conifers, way back in the roadless Marble Mountains; all the mystery of the Klamath River knot of tributaries and canyons.

A wildharvested fragrance experience from the coastal, Big Tree forests of California’s North Coast. A concentrated liquid soap that transforms your shower into a fresh, mountain spring winding through the dark redwoods down to the rocky coastline. Petrochemical-free, the Siskiyou Trail Soap is a light hit of the wilderness, designed on the trail and distilled around the campfire. A aromatic snapshot of life on the trail.

Wilderness Perfume techniques and materials unique to harvest 1114-5: infusion of forest leaf litter, campfire distillation of Bay Laurel.

Application: The world’s premier wildcrafted liquid soap, good for your whole person. Draw a leaf on your hand in the shower and experience the deep and rich tones of the tallest forests in the world

Ingredients: Saponified organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils; 100% natural fragrance - tree pitch, plant sap / juice, steam-distilled essential oils.

** Only Ships to Canada and United States.