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Hollow Tree Backpacker Black Tusk Candle



The mountains are calling, the vistas await, and the jagged ominous shoulders of the Black Tusk are painted in strokes of charcoal. The elegance of this soaring pinnacle is forged from earth’s burning heart. Legend has it that it’s dominant strokes of charcoal are the landing place of the Thunderbird.

Candle 9.17oz  

Premium Coconut Wax & 100% Cotton Wick

Up to 60 hours burn time. 

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Lovely addition to my fall wardrobe

Soft, chic & a subtle animal print are the reasons this sweater will become my go-to come fall. Recommend!

cute but...

it's a cute romper for sure...but an odd fit.


These are the perfect addition to any outfit. The color pops and they look great with jeans

Wanted to love this

I was so excited for this hat but it’s just not a good fit. The brim is super short and points down and then the foam front is awkward and a misshapen. The print is cool tho so not a total loss :)

I love them!

I have gotten so many compliments on these. Shoes! The are so comfy I have referred everyone to Red Ribbon when they ask and tell them your location