Why a Smash + Tess Romper is the ONE Thing Your Closet Needs

Smash Tess Romper Red Ribbon EdmontonPhoto Credit: Smash + Tess

You may have already heard of this Vancouver-based brand (that was infamously gushed over by blogger Jillian Harris), but in case you haven’t, let’s get you acquainted. Smash + Tess is a North-American made, globally-inspired clothing line that focuses on quality and comfort without compromising an inch of style.

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The Romper

Smash Tess Romper Magnesium Oil Edmonton FashionPhoto Credit: Smash + Tess

The Smash + Tess romper is this brand’s claim to fame. Its fabric consists of a sustainable rayon made from a bamboo and cotton blend that’s been proven to stand the test of time. When treated well, each romper will retain its shape and softness for years to come.

The romper has wide front pockets (finally - something big enough to hold our phones!), a stylish drop waist, and a versatility that will let it fit into any part of your life. You only need to take a quick peek on Instagram to see how #SmashTessGirls (as their fans are affectionately called) style their rompers every which way.

From bridal showers to summer vacations, grocery trips to business meetings - whatever the day might call for, a Smash+Tess romper will make you feel sexy and confident in your own skin.  

The Romper Fits

Wednesday Romper

Wednesday Romper Smash Tess Edmonton Red Ribbon

Ah, Hump Day - the middle of the proverbial workweek hill. This long-sleeve romper is perfect to get you through the longest weekday with its rounded neckline, front patch pockets, and small pinned bottom cuffs.

In other words, it's the perfect romper for the days you’d rather be filling your water bottle with wine.

The Wednesday Romper is available in Shadow Grey.

Friday Romper

Smash Tess Friday Romper Red Ribbon Edmonton

Fridays call for a hot shower, a glass of wine, and a deliciously cozy long-sleeved romper to settle into the weekend with.

The Friday Romper is Sunday Romper’s sister from a different mister! No buttons or zippers, but it does come with real pockets and good times. Guaranteed.

The Friday Romper is currently available in Midnight Black.

Saturday Romper

Smash Tess Saturday Romper Pink Lemonade Red Ribbon Edmonton

The Saturday Romper is literally the perfect fit to kick off your weekend. The wide pockets and drop waist add to the adorable look of this quintessential Smash+Tess romper. Wear it to bed, out the door, and to the grocery store - this romper isn’t just made for your eyes!

The Saturday Romper is available in Pink Lemonade and Midnight Black.

Sunday Romper

Smash Tess Sunday Romper Black Red Ribbon Edmonton

What better way to celebrate Sunday Funday than by being comfortably chic when you go out for brunch? This romper has no zipper or buttons or any kind of uncomfortable fixtures. It’s spacious, soft, stylish, and fits in all the right places.

Get the Sunday Romper in Midnight Black, Naturally Navy or Olive.

Sweetheart Romper

Smash Tess Sweetheart Romper Kaitlyn Rose Red Ribbon Edmonton

Have you seen anything cuter?! This frilly number is the perfect blend of femininity and comfort (with pockets), and the slight turn up on the leg hem gives the extra “je ne sais quoi” every outfit needs.

The Sweetheart Romper is a twist on our classic romper, but without the middle seam, allowing for easy draping and a softer fit. Oh, and did we mention there are pockets?  

The Sweetheart Romper is available in Midnight Black and Kaitlyn Rose.

Shorty Romper

Smash Tess Shorty Romper Black Red Ribbon Edmonton

Short, cute, and flirty - this romper is the perfect little outfit for when you’re feeling yourself and wanting to give the world some sass. With its drop waist and cute back, you can romp away on a night out without giving up a second of comfort.

The Shorty Romper is available in Midnight Black.

Getaway Romper

Smash Tess Shorty Romper Black Red Ribbon Edmonton

The birds are heading south for the winter so it’s probably time to book your next vacation somewhere warm. And, of course, everyone knows you can’t go off on vacation without the perfect #wanderlust outfit.

The Getaway Romper is your call to forget your everyday life blues and make some new memories. Its easy going fit. drop waist, and open back will let you soak up all that Vitamin D without any boob sweat.

The Getaway Romper is available in Midnight Black.


Smash Tess Romperalls Black Red Ribbon Edmonton

Riddle us this! What happens when you cross a romper with overalls? Why, likely the most comfy thing you’ve ever put on your body, AMIRIGHT?! If you love Smash + Tess rompers, the S + T Romperalls are your next logical step.  

The Romperalls are reminiscent of a romper, but with the layering capability of an overall. It has a traditional patch pocket on the front chest, square neckline, sewn straps, with in-seam pockets. The length is a little bit longer than traditional S + T rompers, so we encourage a little cuff… and best of all, the side cuts were designed to offer more coverage than the average overall.

Get your hands on a pair of Romperalls here

Responsibly made. Locally sourced.  

Smash Tess Rompers Local Vancouver Canadian Fashion Red Ribbon EdmontonPhoto Credit: Smash + Tess

In case you’re not fully convinced by their overwhelming cuteness yet, here’s some background about the brand itself:

The founders of Smash + Tess are a mother-daughter bestie team (Teresa and Ashley) that have an obsession with comfort, fashion, and sustainably sourced products. In fact, the products are produced in their own backyard so they can keep a pair of watchful eyes on how their products are made.

This brand focuses on creating their products responsibly and want people to invest in products that provide both quality and comfort.

Here at Red Ribbon, we believe in the same philosophy and try to provide products to our customers that promote a sustainable and thoughtful lifestyle.

Check out more of our carefully chosen (but cute AF) goods here and follow us on the ‘gram to get regular updates on what comes in. Plus, don’t forget to share your Smash+Tess style with us by using #shopredribbon for your chance to be featured on our feed!

P.S Christmas is coming!

Just between us, there’s a special little sumthin’ sumthin’ happening at Red Ribbon this winter. When you buy a Smash + Tess romper this upcoming holiday season, you get a free 2.5 oz bottle of Só Luxury Magnesium Oil - your gift with the purchase of any Smash + Tess romper!

Add Só Luxury Magnesium Oil to your cart and use promo code: MagOil.

So basically, this whole page is a reason for you to get romping. No excuses. Hurry!  

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